Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break . . . . . . Finally

It's finally Spring Break. It's Friday after school. It's 8:30. We have a show on right now. What you see below is a stuffed animal police speeder. You can see the bunny in the handcuffs. The cat is the police officer. He arrested the bunny for a bank robbery. The bunny is going to jail. I am very excited about spring break!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Help me out

It rained alot yesterday, but when I got back from school it was not raining. My friend, Grey, came over and we played Pirates' Treasure and I won even though I was stuck on "Gold Fever" for most of the game. While I was stuck, I found most of my formations.

Hey, I need some help naming my new Bionicle. It has 48 pieces. It carries a staff. He would be good at catching the Rahi that Bryce puts up on his B-man blog. He would be good at training them too. Please make a comment with your ideas for names.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Spider Droid

This robot has three forms. It has an escape pod. Or it can have three pieces with one little one and two bigger ones. It can have the escape pod off. It can fly through space. The escape pods can fly too. It has eight legs when the escape pod is off. When the escape pod is on, it has 12 legs (including the escape pod). When it is split into three pieces, each one has 4 legs.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monster Cupcakes

They were big! They were vanilla cupcakes. They were too big because some people couldn't eat all of them. The one in the middle is mine. They were really good. I decorated with m&m's and sugar sprinkles.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Best Snow

It's been snowing for exactly a week-7 days. Three days of school out the door (and there was snow on only two of those days). I've been having snowball fights and I went sledding. That's about all I did in the snow.
But to the point, I made three creations today (see the pictures).
Big Wing
This one has wings that were not really his. They came from some insect that wasn't alive. They were transplanted from that creature and onto his back.
This one got into a big fight. It lost three legs and most of its head. Thanks to technology, the scientists and surgeons were able to build a robot head and also legs. The legs were fashioned from wire and old parts of speeders and stuff.
This one has four robotic legs. It got in a big fight. Its legs got hit by a laser sweep (a burst of light that is flat and can be used to cut things). These legs can now fly up and blast the enemy or they can run fast and they pop off and the feet point out spinning as fast as they can becoming sheilds that the lasers splash off of.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My First Post

Ten-Limbed Creature

I will try to post a creation every week. This ten-limbed creature is made of about 56 pieces. I made it on the boat on December 7, 2008. I am guessing it took me about 5o minutes to build. I can create other pretty crazy things when I am working with Bionacles.
Next week, you may see clay pots on this site.